Pasha Turkish Coffee Liqueur

I had this bottle of Pasha Turkish Coffee liqueur sitting on one of my shelves as a small child. I remember taking off the label because it offended the esthetic on the bottle, which was about 22 cm in height (or perhaps my mother took of the label...).  I finally tracked down a unopened bottle, which has been quite difficult considering I can not determine if this is even been manufactured or imported into the US in 20 years. It has a taste similar to Kahlua, but a stronger espresso base. The bottle is an impressive Orientalist design, perhaps dating from the 1960's.  It does invoke  well known elements of the Middle East, specifically the pointed top and rounded base. In any event, it makes its presence known on a shelf.


Sunny Bunny said…
hi, where did you find the un-opened pasha? thank you.

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