A Greek Still Life with the Parthenon's (Παρθενών) true colours

Another shelf scene that includes a silver pomegranate, a reproduction Greek vessel from Athens, and a hand painted Parthenon that I did to represent what scientists now conclude are the original colours. It is fascinating to me that generations have concluded that the statues/and buildings, including the reproduction of a foot from a Greek statue, were made originally in white. Think of how much Neo Classical architecture has been made that incorporates white as the primary colour. From most of the buildings in Washington around the mall, including the  Senate house of the United States, to banks, and  train Stations. Speaking of the mall in DC, the Washington monument is also stark white. While the obelisk is Egyptian in origin, perhaps the designers wanted to match the "modernism" of the solid Greek design.The reality is that these temples and statutes had expressive and sometimes, questionable colour schemes that lost their colours  after centuries of neglect and left  only the exposed stone left. . When visiting the National museum in Rome, there are a few rare examples of heads with actual skin tones and natural eyes left. Personally I like what the white has come to represent, but I cant help but wonder if all of the futuristic white concept spaces today are based off of this misunderstanding of the original association of stark white design and the intelectual mythology of the Greek temples.


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