Original "Barbie" Dolls from Iran

As it has been noted that Iran has banned Barbie dolls, I thought to pull out of my collection some old wax dolls each about 20 inches in height. Two are labeled as "Mullahs" and come complete with Tasbih or prayer beads. The woman is well dressed, and her expression is quite realistic. I have been told these were sold from the 40's into the 60's, while these came from Iranian homes, I would have guessed they were made for the Bazaar as tourist items. Which brings me to a Persian tale involving a family member. I am told that Baba as a young boy was offered to paint something in a house of a Mullah, and agreed to do so, but enlisted his brother to help as well. After they finished the job, the Mullah gave them 5$ but the brothers each claimed it as their own. They took it up with their father (or my Grandfather), and he told them that he would settle this in the most fair way possible. He took the money, put it in his wallet, and told the boys to go to sleep!.


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