Chichén Itzá and Ziggurats

After visiting the Yucatan several times and returning with some interesting samples of building material, it is worthy to discuss the popular speculation that the pyramid shape temples bare a striking resemblance to those found in Giza Egypt.  Many people have suggested this indicates a cultural connection however the pyramidal design is a basic and solid architectural concept.  With that said, aside from the pyramidal base, these pyramids differ considerably in their intention as well. Those within the Mayan culture were made with steps to reach a top level specific to prayer services. The Pyramids of Egypt, suggest a burial only basis for their construction with no external stairway (it is worth to note that tombs have been found within many Mayan pyramids). Their is however, a much closer Middle Eastern comparative structure,  is the Ziggurat  with a ramp leading to the ceremonial structure at the top. ( this photo  is taken of a reconstructed Ziggurat in Iraq showing US troops walking down the staircase)

The small model featured above of the castillo, in Chichén Itzá, I completed in order to resemble the ruins circa 1830 popularized by  Incidents of travel in Yucatan. By John L. Stephens. The plates are worth viewing on their own merit. The deserts may reclaim with sand, but the tropics do so by absorbing the structures in record time.


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