Red red saffron

Magical saffron, you simply want to stare and smell. Ive tried to taste it "raw" (didnt work) but its not as spectacular as when its essence is infused in cooking/tea/perfume....


Emirates air

Looking up at the "sky" and finding out what is below!


Photos of an exhibition

A few shots at Ayyam Gallery DIFC premier of my solo exhibition!


Iran meets Disney land in Dubai

Its a small world after all.... Iranian Saffron, Turkish Delights, and pay per admission!


Books to add to my collection

You never know when you find treasures that continue to enlighten.


Watermill Winter Benefit and Blessing Bowls

After donating a work to the Watermill Center's Winter Benefit, the loft was filled with people, and just enough viewing space to capture some Arabic Blessing Bowls.  Above is a photo of a wonderful gift by someone special who knows what I love!.

Once what was.......

Some brief photos of the Embassy from today and yesteryear.


JAMM's art auction 2014

So honored to be apart of this years auction. Second year and it feels better than the first!


Ayyam Gallery YCA Auction 2013

On September 16th 2013 my neon work, "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" in Farsi was including in Ayyam's Young Collectors Auction. The event was packed, and the auctions were off!


Watermill benefit auction 2013

Two works were gladly donated to aid in the continuation and support of the Watermill Center in the Hamptons.  The event was well thought, detailed, and extremely entertaining.



Two examples of vintage citrus brands utilizing the most obvious of Orientalist imagery.