Landing on the Moon. NEIL ARMSTRONG خدا به تو برکت بده G-D BLESS YOU

1:6 model in studio

Arabic information booklet on Space 1970s

Iranian commemorative stamp 1969

I have always been inspired by space exploration. Neil Armstrong's passing signifies a singular moment that transcended petty internal conflict on the planet, and will be remembered in the millennia to follow. Hopefully, we will once again come together as a community in the future if we travel to Mars and beyond. 


Neo Orientalist™ Car

A major undertaking, "Neo Orientalist™ Car" (2012) is the artist's elaborate, one-of-a-kind creation of a unique vehicle embellished with signature Parnes attributes of Neo Orientalism™ (a term trademarked by the artist, in a sharp reminder of the contemporary insoluble transfusion of world cultures and corporate branding). Historically, the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz of German origin has been a preferred car of the Kingdom and its sister regions. For instance, a 1935 model was customized by the manufacturer, with unique particulars such as an 8-cylinder engine, for the former King of Iraq. From the general matte black skin to the minutia of gold-leaf Farsi numerical symbols as well as the interior's authentic Persian royal carpet details, the formidable "Neo Orientalist™ Car" takes us on a journey not only into the mystical past but into the rich cultural imagination of the Middle Eastern kingdoms.