Il fiore delle mille e una notte, The flower of 1001 Nights 1974

This is the fourth posting regarding adaptations from 1001 Nights. We have seen one commercial movie about every 25 years now taking one to the mid 1970s. Directed by Pier Pasolini, as the third film in his "Trilogy of Life" series. Each of these movies has their own strengths, and this film invokes the storytelling suspense that exists in many of the short stories. In terms of costumes and sets, the filming was done across North Africa, Yemen, Iran and beyond. In that there is a "realness" to the shots, combined with various visual influences including Bedouin, Ethiopian, Tibet, and Persian. 


Rusty Kjarvik said…
these are fascinating images!

i just saw Pasolini's "Medea" last night, which granted my wife and I a kind of gentle atheism...

so much so that it inspired me to write these lines (an unfinished piece of writing):

He asks us,

"Walk, with Love as a constant offering,
Giving, not taking"

I respond,

"If we all reach the same source and end,
And how we get there is peculiar to each,
I choose not to Love, to discontinue my walk.
I am taking back what is mine.
I am still,
To receive You."

it's been a while since i delved into Pasolini, maybe five years since i saw "The Gospel According to St. Mathew" i'm very curious now to see the entire "Trilogy of Life" series...

to be honest, despite my extensive time in the Middle East, i have yet to read the "1001 Nights" in its entirety, any edition that you would recommend?

also, thanks glad to see a posting for "The Thief of Baghdad" i'm going to check that one out soon!

i enjoy your posts!

(i haven't found anything yet referring to Edward Said, any reason why you haven't yet posted content related to the author of "Orientalism"?)

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