Topps Flags of the World 1956

 Topps, best known for its baseball cards in the United States, issued this colorful 80 card set of Flags of the World in 1956. I enjoyed looking at the countries represented from the Middle East. Iran seems to be the best depicted in comparison to the others, particularly Syria  in its depiction of a angry Beduin with a sword and Egypt which apparently in 1956 was still building  the great pyramids. 


Rusty Kjarvik said…
Very interesting!

Your cultural (mis)representation studies remind me of the way Native Americans continue to be depicted on state logos and consumer brands in the US, as a Native man said in a documentary on this topic regarding sports mascots, "what part of ouch don't you get?!"
eric parnes said…
Thanks RK!

I will be fair to say that many of the non middle eastern countries in the TOPPS series were also "interesting"....

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