Custodian of Vacancy: Embassy of Iran

My latest photography series, taking a look at the former Embassy of Iran in Washington DC. For detailed information on the history and former state of the structure Alex Aubry has written a concise article on the subject

Withdrawn, silent, and inaccessible the embassy of Iran has been closed for over 12,000 days since the fall of the Shah, and the US embassy hostage crisis of 1979.  The lavish blue tile work, and mirrored ceilings of the interior are slowly crumbling as I gaze into the sealed windows within the courtyard.  Only shadows move within the structure, as nature slowly reclaims it.  The basic renovations enacted by the US government assist in preserving a partial ruin.  This monument is now akin to a memorial, one that is not recognized and never visited.  The moment when the doors closed many days ago, much like a death, I peer inside as an outsider, a metaphor for this American born Iranian.


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