From Iraq to India or the other way around

These items were purchased in Iraq by a US military soldier. The items are evokative of the typical Middle Eastern esthetic. However they are not from the Middle East.  If you ask any "older" Iranian man or woman they are experts at telling you how to differentiate Persian rugs. They throw out terms like the thread count and the fringing, but do they really know the precise thread count of a Tabrizi?  My point being I am not an expert in copper works, however being around so many at early points in my life, I knew there was something odd about the designs, and had to investigate the object further to confirm my suspicion. These items, that are sold as representations of the Middle East, and the "Arab" world in the heart of the Middle East, are actually produced in India. The designs are not Persian, nor Iraqi. Sometimes the context matters most when you are in the Bazaar... 


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