Sexy Chadors, Hijab, and Burkas

I know there is a fetish for almost anything and everything, but it is interesting how within the last decade, particularly since the US involvement directly in the Middle East, there is a growing "appreciation" for the  Hijab.  The mystic of the Middle East inevitably directs one to the Harem, with scantly clad women wearing veils of various silk colours.  What seems to be different is the promotion for actual forms of Hijab "Covering", from face masks (or Niqab) such as the one above for sale on Ebay, to hundreds of Chadors etc. This was the first time I have actually seen one for sale with the specific intent to be used for non traditional reasons. " Arabia Beduin Sexy Burqa Middle East Arab Hijab" and may I add that its location states to be Oman. 


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