Lets go shopping @ Chanel, Louis Vuitton

The first preview of a series of custom 12 inch dolls based on different characters within the Middle Eastern Theater.  Doll #1, just arrived home, and removed her shoes in the hallway before taking her bags upstairs. She had been busy shopping after getting her hair and nails done earlier in the morning. As a result of the humidity she had to schedule an appointment less than a week after her last visit to the salon, so she could have her hair blown out. The salon just received a beautiful shade of beige which was too much temptation, so she had her previous nail color taken off and had her nails and toes painted. The boutique phoned her as she was getting her feet pumiced and informed her about the new collection at Chanel. With intense excitement she  decided to pick up a slightly off creme blouse to wear later in that night for a dinner and dancing party at the house.Just next door, she caught a glimpse of Louis Vuitton's latest black heels with straps and a gold wedge. This would finish the outfit, and could not be missed.  

12 inch doll, custom chador, bags, and lit display case.


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