A home redux

After two months of planning, I have gotten the basics of the inside of the first floor of the house  completed. While keeping a classic appearance updated with contemporary and eclectic aspects reflecting the owners' backgrounds and tastes. 


Michael said…
I thing it looks great, Eric. I love how you tied 3 distinct threads together... the rough-hewn with the persian with the mid-century modern. My favorite shot is the stairwell... I think the grey wall intersects in a really interesting way with the cream ceiling and angles, and the sculpture, furniture and color palette have a great mix of refinement and masculinity to them.
It was great to see you working on a project that you love. What was even better was hearing all the positive comments coming from your clients at the party. You truly are talented. You have the ability to visualize the potential in an object and a space and transform both.
syhopkins said…

The house looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors, design, and the minimalist look. I know your parents are pleased with the outcome and proud of your work.

Brahms said…
WHere are the hookers?

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