Going a Little Too Far

Further along is a hill that has multiple structures on the top, no tourists, and the perfect opportunity to explore, Moving along I noticed that this was not part of the site, and when i passed a cave being used by young Arab shepherds my first thought was how cute, 20 minutes later, I heard a man on a donkey, and when he didn't ask me for a ride for payment, I know I was in less explored territory. Once I scaled up the rocks I landed down a river bed, and I realized that there was only one thing worse than the smell of a camel, that would be a dead one. Then i knew I was in dangerous territory.Oh did i mention the snake? Moving along I made it to the top, took a break in the tomb (which was shaded) and drank some of my water, and put on my jacket on my head. I had been a little to adventurous, and even though I wasn't far away in millage, the terrain was difficult, and the heat was horrible. If I wasn't careful I could have suffered heat exhaustion and then I might end up like my four legged friend in the ditch. Your mouth gets dry, and your heart beats rather fast. Time for water.

If Moses had led the Hebrews through this area he would have been lucky as the rest of the desert area that I had been subjected to only gets worse. I thought about this as I had to figure out how to make my way back to the main site, without being able to see it (the valleys were very deep) I scaled down a steep rock formation, and wondered to water beds, and thought they would take me the correct way ( good thing I watched Man Vs. Wild). And at this point I couldn't tell where I was in relation to my starting point, but I did notice a area that looked like it was covered in animal droppings, and so I followed the trail which eventually led to a much easier way to navigate and delivered me back to the park, and to the vendor where i purchased 3 waters! (at tourist prices).


Man vs. Wild has nothing on you. Now let's see you eat that dead camel

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