Maya, and the culture that almost burned

On a quick trip to the yucatan, visits to the major and not so major sites of the Maya. It is interesting to note that their language in glyphs was almost lost as the Catholics purged most of it. It is also equally impressive that it was a monk who wrote down the language and in a sense preserved what was left of the destruction. I found the structures complex and in a way almost a view into a advanced culture that could have been a protoculture of something that might have exsisted in the middle east, before the egyptions lost to history. Although, getting there is anouther story for the history books, on a transfer in NC, the plane filled with "the dumb American" and I thought, this is not a good sign. Upon entry into Mexico, the little to no attempt for spanish pissed me off so much, I immediatly decided to rent a car, and thank god. The hotel I had booked for the first day was in Cancoon. A horrid discusting place where everything that is sick and vapid about the States was expanded and displayed as a vacation for Americans in Mexico. I dont get it, and the only way to get around it, is to leave it and head further down the coast.....


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