Italy in a week... and a few days.

I consider myself a student of history, and visiting Rome and Italy is a treasure of history. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire, is so complex, the impact to our society, and its ramifications. The creation of a religion out of a people that were second class citizens into one that eventually modified the empire. But then there is the feeling of holding on, and how even though Italy today is a substantive entity, its glory is in ruins, and there is a longing to reach out to it.

Driving was a pleasure, I don't know what  so many people everyone complain about, I drove during the day, at night, and I enjoyed being able to skirt lanes. And Napoli was also so overrated in terms of driving. not a problem, although on the way back to Rome one evening before our flight, I made a wrong driving decision, and ended up in the north of Rome. So without a map, i figured out how to get to the hotel, but had the pleasure of driving through the red light strip, which was rather surreal considering the type of red light district that once existed on the west side of New York.


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