Hamas Tv Porn During Gaza Siege

While I posted this almost a month ago, I decided to post it again. One wonders why this was missed by almost every media outlet. Again no need to even discuss viewpoints on Israel vs Gaza. But seperately a organization that is dedicated to Sharia law, which outlaws music at weddings, and calls for "modesty" clearly needs to fire its latenight programer as he was two busy watching Polish pay for porn channels and forgot the main feed was on. A must watch.


Iran morning TV

Some times I find myself watching Jaam Jam ( a Iranian tv station) being unable to turn off the live segments of this childrens morning show. I love her vibrant hijab style, and if you didnt know what farsi sounded like you would mistake this for a Japanese program. Anyway, I copied a small clip.


Hamas Childrens Show

I have been following the adventures of Farfour, etc and I am fascinated by not only the production quality, but the story lines or lack of.. I only wish I could view full episodes and where are the studios. Thats what I want to see. anyway enough talk. Here is a clip worth replaying a few times. Wish we had full versions